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I interrupt your regularly scheduled cake-blogging…

May 26, 2011

to tug on your heart strings.

I am an animal lover, like many of you (all 16 of you who read my blog! You rock!) Growing up, my family rented an old farmhouse in the country.  Animals were everywhere.  I’ve lost count how many cats and fish I’ve had, and there was almost always at least one dog in the house.  We even briefly had a horse and to this day, my Mom will tell you it was evil incarnate.

After we married, Mr. Cheesehead and I quickly wanted to start our family.  On July 15, 2007, a little bundle of fluff was born into our hearts, but we didn’t know it until the end of September when Xena Cheesehead came home to stay.

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She is the love of our lives and a constant source of aggravation (sometimes), but moreso of laughter, love, and simplicity.  Give her a ball, some fresh air, and she’s the happiest creature in the world.  She may have four legs instead of two, but she is our “baby girl”.  She is our family.

It’s nearly impossible to be unaware of the devastation that has been ripping the middle of the nation apart (tornadoes, flooding, more tornadoes… just pure devastation.)  I wasn’t shocked by the destruction.  While it’s tragic & mind-boggling to consider, I was shocked that I hadn’t thought of the pets.

“If I had lost my home, possessions – everything we surround ourselves with, all the material possessions we usually think of as “home”, as long as I had my family…,” I thought.  As many pet-parents are aware, your four-legged children are rarely welcome in many places.  Instead, these family members are relying on the kindness of strangers to help them get medical attention and basic needs such as shelter and food.

So I’m sharing Blogs for Dogs.  If you can help, great.  (Feel free to check out their Amazon Registry for products.  You can even sort by “Love to have” or “Nice to have”.)   If all you can do is share this information, maybe someone you share with or someone they share with may be able to help.  If all you can offer is your thoughts and prayers, they are appreciated.

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